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Original idea Danibus! 2015. Web autor: Daniel Hontecillas Tamayo
What is Monigo?

Who I am?
The Studio

    Good question, I do not know it neither I!. As this web, this nice white character, big headed and fat, was made during long travels by train, with the need to create a companion or pet which to help me in this adventure. There are people who would call it "muse", others "divine inspiration", I simply call it "MONIGO".
    My name is Daniel Hontecillas Tamayo, I live in the neighborhood of Vallecas and I am geologist/paleontologist (and illustrator when the time allows it to me). The drawing and everything related to the graphic design allways has been a hobby, which has accompanied me from very kid. All what I know about ilustration, I have acquiring it in videogames, films, comics or seeing of the world around me. If I had to self-define, I would say that I am an extroverted and honest person, particularly with my work.

    Wellcome to my web and I hope you enjoy in it